Frequently Asked Questions

Why use corn as a filler?

We tested many types of items to use and found that corn, because of its density, weight, and large kernel size it is an excellent conductor of heat. This gives the corn a unique ability to retain and transmit heat for a long period of time. The Corn Bag can be reheated-used for many years.

Can one bag be used for both hot and cold?

Yes. One bag can be used for both, but we recommend you have this product in pairs, to readily have one available strictly for cooling and one for heating.

Will the corn pop like popcorn? This is our most asked question.

No. All our bags are filled with whole kernel feed/field corn, not to be confused with popping corn. There are at least four distinct kinds, or genotypes of corn: dent, flint, sweet, and pop. Dent, commonly referred to as "field" corn is by far the most common kind grown in the US, and is normally used for animal feeding and ethanol production and our corn bags. Flint is one kind of corn grown for human consumption that is commonly used in corn chips and other "hard" corn foods. Sweet corn, is usually consumed before it has reached physiological maturity.

Are these bags really safe?

Yes! Corn Bags do not carry the fire risks associated with electrical heating pads. Corn bags have never had any recalls nor have any warnings been issued by the FDA or Consumer Products Safety Committee. Several models of electric heating pads and sodium acetate pads have been recalled. Also, because of its organic nature it will not harm the environment.


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